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What are the rights of a divorced wife?

The rights of a divorced woman with her husband:

1- The delayed dowry that is proven in the marriage contract or in the testimony of witnesses.
2- Mut'a alimony, which is estimated at 24 months of monthly alimony.
3- The alimony of the waiting period, which is estimated at 3 months of the monthly alimony.
4- Enabling the marital home or renting a home for the nursery.
5- A fee for a divorced woman who has custody “in exchange for her custody of the young.”
6- Breastfeeding fee.
7- Alimony for minors.
8- Treatment expenses for children.
9- Education expenses for young people.
10- Expenses of summer and winter clothing for children.

The wife's rights in the event of a divorce request:

As for the rights of the wife in the event of her requesting divorce, they are as follows:

The wife waives all her rights, “the delay of the dowry written in the marriage contract, the maintenance of the waiting period, the maintenance of pleasure.”
Children's rights are complete and are not affected by divorce or divorce.
In the event of divorce, the wife must return the dowry.
The rights of the wife in the event of divorce due to harm
With regard to the rights of the wife in the event of divorce due to harm, Hamza emphasized:
The wife gets alimony for 3 months.
Mut'ah alimony for those estimated to be from 2 to 5 years, based on the wife's monthly alimony.
The back of the dowry recorded in the marriage contract.

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