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The services of a lawyer family issues presented by a lawyer Family issues in traversing from Essam Salem Advocates & Legal Consultants provides services related to Civil Status System in Egypt, including:

Assisting individuals, citizens and residents, with everything related to registering their civil events that take place within Arab Republic of Egypt.

Providing legal advice on divorce issues, khul', dissolution of marriage and divorce due to harm.

Deputizing and pleading in cases of civil or personal status issues for the annulment of marriage, divorce, alimony, custody, visits, and seeing boys and girls.

Family cases lawyer number in transit.

As we indicated in the previous paragraph, the lawyer for family cases in transit is the person who takes over for individuals, whether residents or citizens, pleading in their family cases and cases considered by the Personal Status Court in transit.

You can contact the lawyer for family cases in Egypt at +20 100 511 5558 or through the e-mail: [email protected].

Cases handled by the family lawyer in Egypt.

The cases handled by the lawyer for family cases are the cases considered by the Personal Status Court in transit. We referred to this at the beginning of the capacity, and they are divided into two types:

This type of service often does not require the presence of a lawyer unless something exceptional is found in it. Including:

Proof of divorce and marriage.

Conducting marriage contracts in the Personal Status Court.

Certification of marriage contracts conducted by legal officials.

Determination of Heirs.

Division of estates by mutual consent.

Proof of wills that were not involved in the dispute.

Proof of custody without litigation.

The second type of services provided by the Personal Status Court are lawsuits. Below is an explanation about it.


This type of service provided by the Personal Status Court requires the presence of a family lawyer in Egypt. They include:

Custody issues: For example, the mother remarries after divorce and the father demands custody of his children. Or, for example, if the eligibility condition is not present in the father, so the mother demands the sacrifice, etc.

Visitation: As an example, if the custody is for the mother, then she does not abide by the visitation times.

Marriage annulment cases: Marriage annulment cases are requested by the wife because there are compelling reasons that prevent the continuation of her existing marriage. Fearing that she will not abide by God's law, she files a lawsuit to the Personal Status Court in Egypt, issuing a decision to annul the marriage with her husband, after submitting the reasons for the request to the court.

Incompetence lawsuits: These are the lawsuits that arise as a result of preventing a woman from marrying a competent person if she desires him and he desires her. Or to force a woman to marry someone she does not want.

Claims for the division of inheritance in the presence of disputes: These disputes have several aspects, including: the refusal of some heirs to divide the inheritance, depriving females of the inheritance, or the delay or procrastination of one of the heirs in the division of the inheritance. If you need an estate lawyer, ask for an inheritance lawyer in transit from the Firm. Counselor Issam Salem.

Lawyer fees in family cases in transit.

In fact, it is not possible to limit the attorney's fees in family cases – such as divorce, khul', divorce due to harm, annulment of marriage, etc. – to a specific amount because family cases in particular may result in more than one lawsuit later. For example, in the case of divorce, if there are children between the spouses, there is a high probability that it will result in a case of alimony or visitation and custody at times.

However, there is no objection to agreeing with the lawyer before starting to take over the case and appointing him to do so. Also, the lawyer must tell you about the costs and fees of the case.

However, if we want to talk about the lawyer's fees in family cases in general, we can say that family cases start from five thousand Egyptian pounds, depending on the case. Also, attorney fees in family cases vary from one law firm to another. It depends on the experience of the lawyer and the complexities of the case.

Transit personal status lawyer.

You entered Egypt's Ministry of Justice Many developments on its services, including these services that have been developed:

Custody cases: According to the decision issued by The Supreme Judicial Council: If the children are in the custody of their mother, she can apply to the Personal Status Court to request proof of her custody, but the decision referred to There must be no dispute over custody in order for proof of custody to be issued.

Intra-trial issues: We referred to intra-trial issues in the previous paragraphs, but the development that was introduced to this type of case is to allocate a department for this type of case so that these cases can be considered more quickly. The decision indicated that the period of consideration of these cases does not exceed thirty days.

With regard to inheritance cases: The Supreme Judicial Council also issued a decision to allocate a joint circuit to look into this dispute. The decision indicated that in order to allocate the circuit, the amount of the dispute must be fifty million Egyptian pounds or more.

Marriage Contracts Divorce: Electronic development is one of the most important endeavors of the Ministry Egyptian justice. With regard to marriage contracts, the new developments made it possible to refer the marriage contract conducted by the marriage official to the court electronically, and if it conforms to the conditions, the Personal Status Court approves the contract. After that, it is also sent electronically to the Civil Affairs. The developments also included divorce cases, as divorce can also be submitted electronically.

We are in the Firm of Counselor Issam Salem Advocates and Legal Consultants, and based on our duty as the best Attorney in Egypt Personal Status - With all due respect to all colleagues - We are keen to follow these developments continuously and permanently in order to provide our legal services to our dear clients and clients at the level that befits them.

If you need a personal status lawyer in transit, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance such as legal advice in personal status cases or pleading in personal status cases by calling us or visiting us at our Firm in transit.

Transit personal status lawyer.

The need for a personal status counseling lawyer arises when a husband or wife wants to ask for a legal opinion on a particular issue. We will mention some examples of this from the legal advice that is requested from personal status lawyer in transit At Counselor Issam Salem's Firm:

She sometimes asks us for legal advice from the wife, that is it possible to file the alimony case without divorce, in other words, my husband does not spend on the house, so what is the solution?

Sometimes, unfortunately, some husbands mistreat their wives, and this is contrary to what the Messenger of God, may God's prayers and peace be upon him, enjoined upon her when he said: Treat women kindly. Her question is: Can I prevent him from being treated badly without divorce or filing a case for annulment of the marriage?

We are also asked for legal advice about the vandalism lawsuitEgyptian system sometimes. That someone has tried to deceive another person's wife and asks the husband about the possibility of deterring the deceiver by law.

Custody Issues is one of the most Most common after Divorce. As legal advice is sometimes about the possibility of marriage and maintaining custody. Or when do you drop mother's custody . Sometimes, how do I prove that the current custodian is not eligible for custody?

Divorce lawyer in transit.

If you need to file a divorce, you may be looking for the best divorce attorney in transit. For unusual reasons. If the woman is the one who wants to divorce while preserving her dowry, it is among the reasons that allow this. As if she wanted to divorce by filing an annulment lawsuit, she would lose her rights to the dowry.

As for her use of a divorce lawyer often in transit, the divorce lawyer will study the case further to reach the legal foundations and reasons that contribute to preserving your rights in pony.

Also, on the other hand, the husband may want to raise divorce case while preserving his rights to custody of his children within the legal frameworks that allow him to do so.

One of the tasks of the lawyer for divorce cases in transit is to do his best to guarantee the rights of his clients and to implement everything that the law allows to be implemented to achieve the interests of his clients.

The best divorce lawyer in transit.

As is known, Khula is when the wife asks the judiciary to separate her from her husband. It often happens Divorce for bad treatment. And God Almighty permitted the woman to seek divorce if she thought that she did not apply God's law in obedience to her husband. But if the husband is righteous, then the divorce is hated.

It suffices for the reasons for khula' if the wife shows her hatred for her husband and that she is unable to complete marital life with him. However, khul` does not occur except after an attempt to reconcile the spouses. And if attempts at reconciliation failed, the khul' took place.

And here comes the role of the best divorce lawyer in transit, as the lawyer knows what kind of lawsuits he should file with the court. As it is considered a legal error to file a divorce case, and in the legal view of the matter, it should be a divorce case for harm.

In all cases, and whatever personal status case you want to file, we advise you to appoint a lawyer for family cases in Egypt. Do not hesitate to request a lawyer for family cases in transit by contacting us by clicking on the WhatsApp icon or the call icon in the corner of the page.

A video explaining the rights of the wife if she requests a divorce and how the divorce takes place in court