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Personal status lawyer in Egypt| Counselor Essam Salem Law Firm and Legal Consultation, if you are looking for a lawyer specialized in all aspects of law family issues Affiliated to the Personal Status Law in The Egyptian Arabic RepublicWe have chosen for you a personal status lawyer in Egypt, who studies family issues sufficiently to reach the legal solution that he deems appropriate in the interest of client.

Personal status lawyer in Essam Salem Law Firm . It will provide a thorough study in the convolutions of the law to reach the optimal solution. A legal advisor to solve family-related problems quickly and legally.

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The experience of Counselor Essam Salem Law Firm and Legal Consultations in personal status cases

Counselor Essam Salem Law Firm is considered one of the best Firms operating in the Arab Republic of Egypt. It aims to achieve client issues successfully, aims to pursue justice Rights to their owners and satisfaction of the clients. Our law firm offers long experience in providing legal advice, and guiding clients towards the right way according to the highest standards.

The Firm contains a group of lawyers Distinguished and competent in the personal status court and cases family And those who work towards following the proper method of dealing with the cases of their clients, and in a professional manner. The lawyers and legal advisors in the Firm of Counselor Issam Salem provide appropriate advice while noting all the points and gaps that must be addressed.

An integrated team working with high efficiency in related matters by marriage and inheritance . A personal status lawyer specializes in marriage issues and everything related to marriage problems And divorce And take off . And providing advice to the spouses before embarking on legal matters and resorting to the judiciary in the event that they are wise and just in divorce.

Counselor Issam Salem's Firm team offers you a personal status lawyer for every person who wants to marry a foreigner. This is because the issue of marriage to foreigners in the Arab Republic of Egypt is considered one of the issues that have difficult and complex conditions. You need a lawyer who is fully aware of the necessary laws and procedures related to marriage of foreigners and marriage to foreigners.

We are all looking for the best law firm in the Republic. Within our article, we put in your hands the best law firm in Egypt (Counselor Essam Salem Law Firm), to follow up on all your legal matters related to marriage contracts and divorce cases. Children's Daycare< /span>. Alimony, inheritance and other family issues.

Personal status counseling attorney

Contact the best personal status lawyer in Egypt. It works to provide facilities in all your cases in a thoughtful and quick manner without exhausting or putting pressure on the client. Several cases fall under the name of personal status issues, including (marriage issues, divorce cases, Alimony, legal wills, and inheritance, in addition to issues related to child custody).

Personal status advice lawyer in transit. It provides all the information related to divorce cases, and the legal matters you need for the lawyer to act on behalf of the client.

According to the existing amendments in the Personal Status Law, which were in favor of women, the law provided for the presence of the wife at the completion of the divorce process, and the agreement on alimony and visitation before obtaining the divorce certificate.

This clause of the Personal Status Law came in order to avoid fraud and manipulation committed by some husbands when divorcing the wife, without informing her or giving her the divorce certificate.

Therefore, it is necessary to resort to a lawyer who specializes in personal status cases, given his full knowledge of the provisions of the new personal status law, in order to guarantee women's rights within the legal principles.

Personal status courts

Considering all cases related to personal status issues from ( Proof of marriage divorce, annulment of marriage, alimony and custody).

Inheritance and legal guardianship issues.

Division of the estate, including the property, in the event of a dispute arising in the division.

Appointment of guardians and guardians and proof of endowments.

Quarantine issues on the foolish and also lifting the quarantine from them.

Matters related to the marriage of a woman who does not have a guardian, or who is prevented by her guardians.

Other issues relating to financial or moral obligations or any legal effect between members of the family.

Because of the abundance and ramifications Personal status issues . The system specified the specific jurisdiction of the court in order to achieve benefits, including:

To provide judges with expertise in their specialization. Through their careful practice of issues related to dispute resolution, they become aware of everything related to their qualitative competence.

To facilitate procedures and reduce delays in personal status issues.

Cases handled by a personal status lawyer

Personal status means a set of organizing legal rules that regulate the status of individuals among themselves. The content of the cases handled by the personal status lawyer can be summarized in three points:

All things related marriage And its provisions (legal marriage, customary marriage, marriage to a foreigner, or a Christian) and the consequences of this marriage in terms of housing, alimony, dowry and lineage.
What is related to matters of divorce and its provisions, and its effects such as alimony / waiting period / custody.
All matters and provisions of inheritance.
First: Everything related to matters of marriage and its rulings:
According to the new personal status law in the Arab Republic of Egypt, it stipulates the following:

Engagement means the request and promise of marriage, and each of the two parties has the right to abandon the engagement.
All that the suitor gives to the fiancée during the engagement period is considered a gift, unless the suitor declares that these gifts are considered a dowry.
In the event that either the fiancé or the fiancée withdraws from the engagement for a reason pertaining to the fiancé, he does not have the right to return the gift he gave to the fiancée during the engagement period.
If the sermon ends by death Or for another reason for another reason in which the two parties have no hand, so do not return the gifts.
It is forbidden to complete the marriage contract unless the spouses reach the age of (eighteen) for the male or for the female.
In order to complete the validity of the marriage contract, the conditions must be met: (the consent of the spouses, the testimony of two witnesses, the presence of the wife's guardian, that the woman should not be permanently or temporarily forbidden to the man, that the two spouses be compatible, that they are not dependent on a condition, and are married in one sitting).
The system grants the spouses rights and duties, among these rights are the rights of the wife in (alimony, overnight stay, justice between wives in the event that the man has more than one wife, the husband does not encroach on the wife's money), and among the obligatory duties on the wife (obey the husband in a good manner, take care of the children) .
The wife has the right to refrain from entering the matrimonial home until she is provided with accommodation and receives her dowry.
The system also specified the alimony of the wife from her husband even if she was well-off, the alimony of every person with his money, and the alimony of every unknown parent to the state.

Second: Everything related to matters of divorce and its rulings

The legislator explained Personal status system in the Arab Republic of Egypt . How divorce occurred explicitly verbally. Or divorce takes place if the husband intended it. Divorce does not take place by perjury or oath of divorce unless the husband intends to divorce.

After the divorce, alimony is considered continuous by the husband on the wife and children, and the system considers it a debt that takes precedence over all other debts. The court can order temporary alimony if the court does not issue a judgment. This is based on her request. The system confirmed that the claim for the wife's maintenance is not heard for a period exceeding two years from the date of filing the divorce claim.
Every divorce associated with a number, a sign or an utterance, or a repetition of the utterance, and in a single session, the divorce is only considered as a single divorce.
The husband can delegate someone else, whether male or female. By divorce.
The husband is obligated to document the divorce after completing it before the competent authorities, within a maximum period of (fifteen days) from the date of the divorce.
The wife's statement is not accepted in divorce or reconsideration lawsuits unless there is evidence.
Divorce cases take place by mutual consent between the spouses without resorting to a judicial ruling. Divorce takes place in any wording that may indicate it, and the three divorces are not counted.
Khula' is valid in whatever condition the wife is going through (partum or menstruation).
The marriage contract is annulled if the wife is not consummated, based on her request in the event that the husband does not provide her dowry.
The annulment of the marriage contract at the request of the wife if the husband refuses to spend or if he claims insolvency to provide the required maintenance for his wife.
The marriage contract is annulled at the request of the wife in the event that the husband has been harmed in an obvious manner, in which the continuity of the intimate relationship is not possible (and the court may reconcile between them in the event that the harm is not proven).
The annulment of the marriage contract at the request of the wife due to the absence or loss of her husband after a period estimated by the court, provided that this period is not less than one year and not more than two years from the date of the husband's absence.

Third: All matters related to inheritance and inheritance

In the system of personal status law, matters relating to inheritance are governed by the provisions of Islamic law. Which allowed a woman to inherit the text of what one of her male relatives who is related to the inherited person inherits.

This is in addition to the provisions of inheritance that give women the right to inherit more or less than the text. This is according to the legal provisions followed in the personal status law in Egypt.

You can communicate with a personal status lawyer in Egypt by calling the following numbers, or by communicating via e-mail.

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